06 January 2009

My new blog :-)


This is my brand new blog! My loyal readers will already have noticed that it looks a lot like my old blog, and you're right. It's not supposed to be that different, only language-wise. I have finally taken the step to only blog the dog training in english. There might be some occasional norwegian posts appearing every now and then, if you're curious, jam it into babelfish or something. But it's most likely to be some frustration on norwegian politics, so you might just as well decide to save yourself the hustle of it :-)

This blog consists of posts from a couple of different blogs I've had through time, and thanks to google's ingeniuity I was able to copy everything, and the posts, with pictures, comments and all, even appear in time order! That was fun! (it's called export/import blogs in your settings)

If you're new to my blog, click the "about me" tab. That should give you a peek into my life. I might be reachable at ingerid.klaveness@gmail.com too...

I would be really happy if you posted some comments on what you like (and don't like), so I can improve. Thanks for reading!