08 January 2009

What separates me from the best?

This is my reply to Susan Garret's question: What separates you from the best agility competitors in the world? I tried to find the positive things, focusing on opportunities rather than what I'm doing wrong and the equipment and training area I don't have. Writing that was an interesting experience, seeking insight in my own future:


I would love to answer “time” to this question. That thought leaves room for a lot of hope! I truly hope that is an answer I will be able to look back at and nod…

Time, not so much in terms of finding time for dog training between studies, work and family, even though I find that challenging.

It’s more about the time it will take me to discover the knowledge and skills that would make me a truly great dog trainer, together with learning to dare take the risks and jump the gaps characteristic of the most successful competitors I know.

I feel lucky to be young, and hope I have many years of learning ahead of me. Still, being young is part of what limits my knowledge, in the sense that I haven’t lived long enough to have read all those books, met all those people and loved all those dogs that I hope to meet through my journey…

Susan - I am very grateful for those who write books and blogs that help me build the knowledge I’m striving for! Thank you :-) ,,