18 February 2009

Dog spinny

Today I had some fun watching our dogs figure out the Nina Ottoson "Dog Spinny" puzzle. If you haven't seen it, have a look at the picture. The dog has to spin the top disc to get to the treats in the holes. We borrowed the puzzle from Raiku, who's already a bit bored with it since he figured out how it's used and eats all the treats immediately. My dogs had quite different approaches:
Bris went completely crazy with it, scratching, barking, sniffing, licking. She got the treats out pretty fast (I had to refill it all the time), but still she didn't have a clear strategy, just vast amounts of activity that coincidently made the disc move. Pretty puppy-like I guess :-)
Storm did what I think dogs are supposed to do with this, he stuck his nose in the hole and moved it around. When he had eaten most of the treats, he tried a different strategy, sniffing around the edge, where he could smell the treats. That didn't really pay off.
Orkan has no patience for figuring out anything at all as long as we're speaking of food, so he decided the only reasonable way to get anything done was to stick his lower jaw in the hole, bite around the edge, pick the whole thing up, run and shake! Hahaha! Not that it was a very effective strategy, it's just so much like Orkan :-)