25 February 2009

Eye problems?

Orkan has had this everlasting eye infection for several months. Once, it got really bad, and we had to treat it with antibiotics (ointment). We got rid of it with the ointment, but it came back after a short while, but as long as it has been quite subtle (some pus in the eyes in the morning and maybe a bit through the day) we have (after talking to a vet of course) treated it with cleaning and rinsing, to try not to get resistant bacteria, as you sometimes get if you treat frequently with antibiotics.
But yesterday I decided I had to do something about it, since it is one of the very few visible symptoms Orkan has (along with his tiredness and depression - he acts like he is in a lot of pain, but we can't find anything). I still had the ointment in the fridge, so I'm going to use it three times a day for ten days, to see if the eye infection can have anything to do with his problems. It's a long shot, but last night and this morning he suddenly seemed happier! Maybe, maybe, maybe, the eye infection has been causing him some pain? I really hope he continues to get better! I'll keep treating it for ten days anyway (NEVER stop in the middle of antibiotics, that causes resistant bacteria!) and by then I'll know if he's better, and then if he's better because of the eyes or because of the food...
I really hope we can figure this out soon! Hate to see my sweet baby unhappy!