26 February 2009

Finally some training again!

Yesterday Orkan seemed good enough to do some agility training, so we went to the horse arena (still don't know what the're called in english) with Lene&Susi.

Circlework: Orkan is impressing me. I did some long stretches of running with direction and speed variation, and he didn't fail once. I see that I can work a bit more on decel, but all in all I was really pleased with his performance!
Distance grid: 4-4-4- 11/12/12/10/9/8/10 feet (I think, will have to check the video to see the distances, but right now I'm at work and the video will come later when I'm home and have the chance to edit it). Orkan easily bounced 8 feet, and it took quite a distance to make him feel comfortable adding a stride. Lots of messing up, but I guess this is the kind of exercise that gets better the more we just keep working on it, nothing special really. At least he tried different strategies every time, and when he succeeded, it looked really nice and balanced!
Tunnel: Worked on the difference between silence (sprint ahead) and digging (turn when you exit the tunnel), and he really seems to get it. I look forward to proofing that with jumps and more difficulty! It's a bit hard to work on it in the riding arena sice it's extremely dusty and Orkan doesn't really want to pick up a thrown toy and get his mouth full of sand... Maaaan! I long for summer! We also worked a bit on rear crosses. That works well as long as the tunnel is straight, so I'll add an angle on it next time.
One jump with height: I think this looked quite good both on 20 cm and with crossed bars at the 35 cm cup, but again - I want to see the video before I decide :-)

All in all a good training! Was really nice to only be 2 people and 2 dogs, but I think the woman who owns the place was a bit less pleased (less payment for her, since we pay per person), so I hope the rest of the guys will come next week :-)