26 February 2009


Today I found some time to make a training plan for the next couple of months. This is what I'll focus on, providing Orkan is well (this morning he seemed all depressed again):

  • Physical activity every day (at least a 30 minute walk) to get him in better shape and lose the last bit of overwheight.
  • Heel position, both sides
  • Sitting rear crosses
  • Loose leash walking (I'm sooo tired of not having that settled, so now it's time to grab the monster by it's tail!)
  • Jumping technique: distance, bend work and jump height.
  • One jump: proofing and distance
  • Handling (according to the handling classes with Fanny)
  • Start working on the running contacts (I have bought the planks already, but I'm waiting for less snow before I start working on it)
  • Nose touch (for the teeter)


  • Handling (according to classes)
  • Running contacts
  • Starting weave training
  • Teeter contacts

June: Hopefully finishing the "teaching" of contacts and weaving and start working on competition-like elements, getting ready for trialing.

Ok - now it's out there, I hope to be ready for our first competition this summer. Probably not june, but at least some time in 2009?