06 February 2009


We went to see the puppy yesterday. She was as good as the breeder had told me, and she came home with us. She seemed very happy, curious and confident (and still is, here in our house). When I tested her, she was crazy about food and would work for it almost forever, and she loved to play, especially with the sheepy squeaker toy I had. She didn't have the urge to come back to us with the toy, but considering everything else, I think she'll be a good old great happy tugger! She coped well with the car ride (almost seven hours), and Sigurd at least got some sleep this night. Now she has played herself tired with Orkan, and is about to go back to sleep.

The only issue we've had is that Storm is very anxious of her, and gards his toys, his crate and his chewing bones with his life. He's had some history of dogs he didn't know attacking him for no reason, so he doesn't really welcome new dogs into his home. I think it will solve itself as soon as she settles in a bit and he learns that she isn't a threat, but we'll do some counterconditioning and other stuff with him just to make the process go faster. He coped well with sitting with her, being given one treat, then she gets one, and so on, it's only a problem if he has a pig's ear or something and she comes bumping into him.

That's the current status update. We did some filming yesterday, and I hope to post the video soon, but since I'm leaving for Telemark tonight it might take a while to get it done.