23 February 2009


Ok... I realize I've been a lousy blogger lately. Apologies for that!
So this is what's going on:

Bris: very cute, very crazy, very big! All the usual puppy stuff, lots of training. My goal with a new puppy is always that they get to visit a new environment every day if possible, I have a list of places they should visit before they turn 12 weeks. I also have a list of dogs to meet, and when to meet them. Bris is coping nice with every challenge we have thrown at her. Mostly we work on it's your choice game, a bit of crate games and simply behaving. She has some stress tendencys I don't really like (not settling down in her puppy pen after a round of playing with the other dogs, barking like crazy etc), but we're working on those, and I'm confident she won't grow up to be a stress problem as long as we deal with these things while she's still a puppy.

Storm: has learned to live with the puppy! He even seems to like her a bit, sometimes running aorund chasing her like a true friend :-) I love it when they play! Since his back has been good for a while I've started to look at different options on what to start working on with him. Since he lost a lot of muscle this summer due to all his paw injuries and finally the back problems, we are working on some muscle right now, but soon I'd like to start taking him to trainings as well. I'm not so sure I want to do agility with him, since there's no way I'll ever compete with him again (or even have him jump over anything higher than a stride regulator) so I've been thinking a bit about refreshing his obedience skills. Still, we don't have much chance of getting anywhere near a good score in obedience, so I think we'll stick to some livingroom training until (If I do) I change my mind.

Orkan: still very tired. He acts just like he is in a lot of pain, but his x-rays came back with an A, and there is nothing else to be found either. Today I changed his food again (the time he started to feel bad corresponds sort of with the time we changed his food), this time it's back to what he got before, mixed with a different brand of light-food. I don't really train a lot with him, exept he gets to work a bit physically. He has been pulling on some of our ski-trips, but only as long as he wants to himself, and only in light conditions (not in deep snow etc). I really hope we figure out what's bothering him soon! It really bugs me to see that he isn't feeling well... Poor little guy doesn't even get up to say hello when I open the door. I know he is getting over his puppy-ness, but he seems to be 15 years, not 1! He really looks like he is feeling terribly awful... If you have any suggestions on what to do, I'd love to know!