02 March 2009

Exceeding myself!

Today I went skiing with Storm and Orkan at 6:30 am, BEFORE the sun had risen!

Orkan gets to do it the lazy ass way, he pulls a little piece of steel chain - the only way to make him work harder than just walking, if I set him up beside Storm in front of me, he'll just pretend to pull... Lazy little fatso.. I think I have found the perfect length of chain for him, it's 5 cm long and wheighs about 500 grams, not very heavy to pull on smooth snow. I think he gets the right amount of resistance, since he keeps up with my speed easily and doesn't get tired or starts panting. The point is not to wear him out, just to make him work a little bit harder than just walking, which doesn't even make my energy-saving little smart-ass tired. The little devil stole a whole bag of deep fried potato chips this morning. (I don't get how he does it! None of our other dogs ever manage to steal food even though they want to!) So he could really use some exercise...

Storm has really been developing well lately! If he doesn't want to work I don't bug him about it, since I can never know how he feels. His back hasn't seemed to bother him for quite a while, and when skiing he works like a hero, and he loves it. Most of the time he pulls like a tiny little husky. Haha :-) And he doesn't get stiff or sore anything, which proves that my warm-up regime and gradually building him back into shape works well. SO happy!