25 March 2009


After deciding that I have to put some energy into making training fun, I went out with Orkan and two toys, with (for once) no plan whatsoever, except throwing toys and simply havi'n a ball. We got to put some value into coming back with a won or thrown toy, since he loves both the kong with fleece and the sheepy squeaky. Orkan was really having fun, and then of course was I :-)

After a while of just playing I started doing some circlework. That was such a lot of fun! We have a huge field outside our house, and now it's covered in a thick layer of rock hard snow. One of my problems with circlework is managing to run fast enough without tripping over something or losing track of my dog, but this surface was perfect! It is huge, smooth and flat. Orkan impressed me by working with great focus and having fun, for quite long stretches. That's one of the things I've been missing a bit when thinking of mastering a whole agility course - he needs to be able to work circles without any fuss and having fun for about one minute before I feel comfortable adding obstacles to the equation. Of course that's a gradual transition, but being able to work the way he did outside yesterday gives me a tiny itti bit of confidence!

I sort of wish I had filmed this, but I guess circlework is really boring to watch anyway :-)