15 March 2009

Physical dog training

Yes, I'm trying to keep up with my goal of at least 30 minutes of physical activity for my boys every day. Today we did an hour of skiing, and my plan was to let Orkan pull his little piece of steel chain most of the time. It turned out we went into some quite heavy snow (yes! summer's getting closer!), so I let him and Storm pull it 3-5 minutes each and then swap. It's not very heavy (50 cm of steel chain, wheighs 500 grams or something), but I'd rather have them work too light than too heavy. Better with less training effect than injuries and unmotivated dogs! I really like that chain by the way, it gives them just the amount of resistance I want. They keep running along having fun even though they're working, which tells me they don't mind it.

Orkan is really losing wheight now. For three weeks now he has lost a hundered grams every week, which means he is now at 6,7 kg's. If we manage to keep that trend, he'll finally be where I want in two weeks, which would feel SO good! Shaving him (not really shaving, he still has a cm of really thick fur) has shown that he was a bit slimmer than I thought too, the extremely thick wool made him feel softer than he really was.

And finally - I'm starting to like his haircut! We still have some work to do on getting rid of the matting tendency in what hair is left, but it is a whole world easier now that there's not so much of it. He looks more athletic now (LONG legs!) and I think he feels more athletic too, at least he's been all running an bumping the last couple of days. I think I'll have to go out and take some pic's so you can see what he looks like :-)