19 March 2009

Sunshine training!

When I was done working this morning the sun was shining, helping me melt the snow. Yesss!
I'm lucky to have horse-people as neighboors, meaning I can use their riding arena when they don't... Which is 90% of the time, still I tend to collide with when they use it! Wierd...
Today I had the place to myself, so I took Orkan and some obstacles down there to do some training. We stuck to speed circles and easy rear cross stuff, but he still feels slow. Not sure what to do... (tips, anyone?)
At least my reinforcer (squeaky toy on a rope) works well, and he behaves himself (most of the time) around horse poop and pig feed, which is definately improvement :-D

And: we have reached our goal of 6,5 kg's! Low carb certainly was the way to do it :-)