19 April 2009

Feeling good!

When I went to my father's place in Østfold yesterday I brought one of my jumps, and did some one jump training on his (dry!) lawn. Orkan worked really well, he tugged like a hero, and we had no issues with distance and understanding. Feels good!

We also did the daily bit of running contacts training. I have replaced the 50 and 30 cm tapes with one (red) 40 cm tape, since I've decided that 40 cm is an ok criterium for Orkan. Somehow it was a lot more difficult to see where he hit after I did that! I'm not sure if it's the color, or if it's just that it looks different now, but I hope I'll get used to it. Since the criteria was a bit more strict he missed more, and it didn't feel good at all... Fanny really was right when she said that running contacs either feel very good or very baad. It's such an ambivalent thing...