28 April 2009

Feels good :-)

This morning Orkan and I went out and did a tiny bit of double box training. Felt really good. I guess my tendency to over-handle is linked to knowing I'm being watched and critiqued, and therefore have more motivation to do everything absolutely right. It fealt a lot more smooth when I just had some fun :-)

I've also added another height option on my jumps. I used to have 60 cm for the large dogs, 45 for medium, 35 for small, and then 10 and 20 for jumping technique training. Orkan is jumping very nicely on 10 and 20 now, but the gap to 35 was too big, and he didn't jump that very pretty. Even knocked some bars... So today I added another on about 27, and the good news is that he didn't even seem to mind the extra height. So in some weeks I hope I can add an occasional bar on 35, and make the transition into good jumping style on full competiton height. That would feel awsome! Even though we probably won't compeet before 6 months at the earliest, height is an issue for a lot of dogs, and I would love to have it sorted!

As for the running contacts - there's too much to work on right now. I believe that shaping is a lot more efficient if you do it often, so my goal woud be to do the running contacts training intensively over a couple of weeks (maybe more), but to work on it at least three times a week to keep it fresh in both our minds. Since I don't have the time to do that right now, I'm postponing the whole project for a while...

Tomorrow is handling class day agian - jeg gleder meg! (can't really be translated directly, but means that I'm looking forward to it)