06 April 2009

Finally we're getting somewhere :-)

Today I got Orkan jumping 35 cm's in a nice style, looking comfortable and confident.
As usual I took his daily ration of raw food outside and we worked on the distance grid. Three bumps 4 feet apart, and then a full stried (10 feet I think, or something like that) to the last jump. I didn't vary the position of the last jump (aka distance) but kept varying the look of it. One bar, two bars, crossed bars on different heights, bars all over the place etc etc. Good results, finally! He even jumped with three bars, 10 cm, 20 cm and 35 cm without any problems. He used to run under the 35 cm bar, so when I added one on 20 cm I kind of expected him not to jump it at all, but he didn't seem to mind, and his technique looked good too :-)
I LOVE grass! Although it's a bit wet out here still, we can finally do some training!