09 April 2009

Handling theory and a bit of practise

Yesterday was the theory class for the handling course with Fanny. I've become quite used to thinking in Greg Derrett ways over the past year, but it's always nice to get some repetition, along with the details I've managed to forget since last time. We had a really nice time with coffe and brownies :-)

First of all, I learned that we are just going to be four handlers and dogs (in addition to Fanny of course), which means lots of time for each of us, and they are all really nice people. Me like! Secondly, I learned that if it feels flicky, it probably is, and it can most likely be solved by a serpentine. Sure, that is an exaggeration, but that was my over all thought. I could really use some practise in finding the serpentine possibilities in a course, since it's such a smooth manouver, and for some reason they haven't become obvious to me yet. Third - which I sort of already knew - I can't trust my instinct in descision making, I always have to go through the three points (where are you coming from, where are you going, and what is the shortest distance? See Greg's last dvd if you don't get what I'm jabbing about). As mentioned I knew this, but still I was somewhat surprised by how wrong I am when I guess!

Today I took Orkan and two jumps (With bars this time! Yey!) down to the horse riding arena owned by my landlord, to do some double box corner proofing. I want to have confident and independent turns even with longer distance in two weeks, at the first practical class. Started nice with some very good 90 degree turns, then my plan was to move to 180 turns and then 270. But instead our training turned into one of the many battles in the war against horse shit (or anything else that might be eatable or otherwise more interesting than tugging). Oh MY I'm SO tired of that...

Right now the clippers are charging, and as soon as that's done I'm going to freshen up Orkan's haircut. I am completely gobsmacked by how fast his hair has grown, but at least he does not shed at all any more, and the matting is long gone :-D