04 April 2009

Muddy jumping

I've had too much to do and some lack of energy lately, so my laptop hasn't even left my school backpack - hence no blogging.

The heel position is finally looking somewhat like what I want it to, though I haven't worked on it as much as I probably could have. The low carb diet makes it hard to find low energy treats (he still has his tendency of putting on wheight in a hurry, remember), and some shaping is a lot of work when using toys... So.... Lots of excuses, but at least we're getting somewhere :-)

We have also tried to do some jumping technique exercises out on the little patch of grass that has re-appeared (spring is finally coming my way!) outside. But in Orkan's opinion wet, muddy grass is WAY too uncomfortable, and he won't place his pretty paws anywhere near it! So my plan of getting him used to jumping bars and hopefully with some height, since the handling classes start next week (which I'm looking forward to, btw!). Anyway, because of his getting dirty fobia, we haven't gotten any of the planned bend work and height work done. I stick to basic grids with a tiny bit of variation, but his speed and enthusiasm is nowhere to be seen as long as the ground is wet, so the training is more about doing SOMETHING to get used to moist conditions (to put it nicely - but we risk running competitions on similar surfaces if it's raining enough, so we really need to get over that!). In other words - not much to brag about, but at least we're trying to have some fun! I look SO much forward to start working on weaving and running contacts, but I'll try to keep myself serious and get over our jumping technique issues first...

His coat looks really nice now that it's grown a centimeter or two, I think I'll stick with it. His shedding is reduced to a minimum, which can't exactly be said about the two other monsters... I don't get why Bris has decided her puppy coat has to go alerady, she's just three months, for heaven's sake??

I have to go do some work (piggy weekend), but I'll try to get the portrait pic's of the huskies posted some day soon. If this was television, I would have said "thanks for watching", but since it isn't I'm not ;-p