18 April 2009

Running contacts - day six

vYesterday the first session was still good, and I decided to raise the plank. That resulted in some insequrity (he slipped off once and tried to run beside the plank after that), but I kept working him through it, and as soon as he had tried to run beside it and not gotten rewarded for that a couple of times, he decided to try the plank version agian. His hits got higher, but still ok. One serious jump where he took off before the 50 cm mark, but the rest were below 50, and some below 30, and I rewarded all of those.

More angle made it easier to differ between running and jumping. Some of the 50 cm hits were jumps today, so I'd like him to hit lower than 50, and before the next session I'll replace the 50 and 30 tapes with a 40 cm mark. That will make it easier to narrow the hits down. I'll still jackpot the really good ones, but the ones that were right on the 50-tape yesterday were done jumping-style. The black line really helps a lot with seeing where he hits, I focus my eyes on the tape, and then I see clearly if the paws landed above or under it. Sounds funny, but before I needed to check the video to see if I had rewarded something I shouldn't have :-p