02 May 2009

Competition and rear crosses

Yesterday we went to a competition to watch, and as I expected Orkan's tugging issues were a bit more present there than at home. But we worked through it, and I think we'll be ok. He did tug with the food in the back of his head (being rewarded for good tugging), but he growled, pulled and had fun at the same time. I walked the course for one of the novice classes, and found that it was really easy. If we had our contacts and weaves done, we could have made that course easily. What a great feeling! In half a year, when the rest of the stuff is ready, I hope our handling will be smooth and fast, and we'll have a blast out there :-)

Wednesday was rear cross night at the handling seminar. Orkan needs more drive for the jumps in order to let me place and execute my crosses better, but all in all we did quite well I think. He had his moments of leaving the tugging to sniff the ground, but that's old news and I try not to focus too much on it. I blame it on Shejpa eating raw chicken necks off the ground there, which smells like heaven according to Orkan, and that's a good distraction for us to work through. I have no guarantee that no one will drop treats on the ground in a competition, and actual treats (not just the scent) would be a lot more difficult for him to ignore than this! Here is the video from wednesday (thanks to Lene for filming!) - I used the editing software that came with the camera this time. Faster, but I'm not frieds with the titles yet, so It's nothing fancy...