04 May 2009

Finally some training again!

With my hands wrapped up in bandages and myself mostly sleeping there hasn't been a lot of training lately. Orkan wants me to say hello and that I've forgotten about him altoghether!
Anyway - I took his dinner outside today initially to do a bit of running contacts training, but ended up having him tug for his raw food in a bowl (tiny pieces at a time). He is willing to work FOR EVER for that food, allowing me to ask for real dedication to the tugging before he gets his reward. It's fun to challenge myself on really demanding the behaviour that I want, a topic that has been a luke warm potato when it comes to tugging...

Orkan surprised me by not giving up or trying to get to the food by cheating. The most difficult one I threw at him was tugging our way towards the bowl from about 7 meters distance. Whenever he loosened his grip on the toy or dropped it, we walked back to the start, to Orkan's great frustration. Fun :-) The only downside is that now my nose is bleeding, since he suddenly let go of the toy when I didn't expect him to, and I was pulling so hard that my fist flew back and hit me in my own face! But I can live with a bloody nose as long as he tugs with attitude! Just wish I had the nose incident on tape :-p