10 May 2009

Handling and running contacts

I didn't blog about wednesday's handling class yet. Not much to say about it really, except Orkan lacks the "suction" towards the obstacles, which I need for rear crossing, and that he doesn't respond very well to a serpentine arm, which is completely logic since I haven't really taught him that yet. Work to do! Hope to solve the "suction" with some easy stuff, thrown rewards etc, and the serpentine will be a topic this spring, little by little. But I'm kind of afraid of ruining his speed, attitude and the little "suction" (give me an english word for what I'm trying to say, ok?) that he has, by doing too much difficut stuff, so the serpentines are not at the top of the list yet.

I've painted my running contacts plank with sand (lots of wet paint, then sand on top), and today I tried a bit of training with Orkan again. The tape is now at 45 cm, the middle of the contact point. I had to fail him a lot of times in a row, but at the end of the session we got some good ones in. Turns out he finds it a lot more difficult to hit when he runs a long plank than when running an "A". I'm not sure why, could be due to higher speed on a longer straight, but I haven't really seen much difference in his speed either. Anyway this means I'll be doing virtually all that kind of training on a long plank.

I've also done a bit of jumping technique training lately, but not much to brag about. I look SO much forward to starting the weave training, but I'm forcing myself to figure out the contacts first. Don't want to stick myself in the trap of having a 'jumpers class only' dog ;-p